Rejuvenating Polylaser

Natural, non-invasive rejuvenation of face, neck and décolletage (75 minutes)

A safe, healthy alternative to cosmetic surgery and fillers, rejuvenating every cell on your face.

Hyaluronic Acid occurs naturally in your body; it stimulates the production of collagen – the protein that makes skin look and feel young. Unfortunately thanks to ageing and environmental impact, among other things, we expect our face to deal with on a daily basis our levels of this magic molecule decreases rapidly in later years.

This unique treatment to Rejuvenate-Naturally_small begins with a facial cleanse and exfoliation. The steamer warms and open pores ready for the Hyaluronic Acid Serum to be massaged into the desired areas and then we apply laser light from our Polylaser. This rejuvenates EVERY cell on your face, helps the HA stay in your body longer and reduces its natural elimination. 

You can trust the ethical standards of Rejuvenate-Naturally_small. Only pharmaceutical grade HA is used and a respected German company with over 30 years of experience developing and manufacturing medical lasers makes our Polylaser derma. These devices are non-invasive with no side effects and used in conventional and complementary treatment by doctors, dentists, vets and holistic practitioners.


  Safe for all skin types
  Stimulates collagen production
  Non-invasive – no injections, cutting or pills
  No side effects
  Rejuvenates and enhances your skin’s natural ability to stay firm
  Detoxifies and heals your skin, leaving it supple, radiant and youthful in appearance
  Works with your body not against it

Face or Neck & Décolletage : £110.00

Maintenance Treatment: £110.00

Combination of Face & Neck: £165.00

We recommend a course of 6 treatments.


6 treatments – 25% discount applied to 1st treatment and 6th treatment is free

After the initial course of treatments, we recommend one every 4 – 8 weeks


Polylaser Before


“I regard Paula Gander as my ‘go to’ person in matters of health in that she can advise with her knowledge on natural products, including those for arthritic pain relief, which was of personal help to me and which certainly increased my sense of well-being. Last but not least, is the Anti-Aging therapy she offers. In fact she has a very good knowledge of all three. However, if I had to choose one, her Anti-Aging therapy is the most valuable to me. Her premises are peaceful and comfortable and immediately engender a feeling of well being. Her treatments are equally calming and what is more I would say are rather successful. I'm 79 years old and regularly get told that I look 65, even by strangers when they discover my age! “
Margaret B

Natural Rejuvenating treatments for a younger you!

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